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Los Cables

Los Cables is a flamenco school in Geneva. The assignment was to renew their brand identity.


I always admired the grace and elegance of flamenco dancers, I choose to transfer it into the logo. I drew a black silhouette and played with the letters to create movements as if the dancer was dancing on stage.


Logo Rebrand

This assignment was one of my first ones at university. Seeing the result, I wasn't the most convinced about the logo and I was interested in renewing this logo with a newer design. 



To extend my project from just designing the logo, I went on to create the school's business card.

I also created the stationary papers but not being convinced of the quality of my work, I preferred to refrain from posting it just yet.

business card.jpg

Being a Flamenco school, every year they organized an event for the students to perform. I thought it would be fun to create a promotional poster with a theme. In that case, it's "Viva la Vida", a quote from my favorite artist Frida Kahlo.

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