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By Sandrina Barroso- Audio/Visual Technicien


Dear ReVibers,


ReVibe Music Festival 1st Edition is a three day online virtual music festival, where 9 local musicians/DJs performs online and streamed on Twitch.


I was the Art Director on this project, and my task was to come up with a concept for the festival and design the complete brand identity.


My inspiration behind the phoenix was the word Rebirth. Due to the pandemic, many musical events were cancelled and experienced serious financial problems. In order to survive, they had to re-invent themselves. The phoenix symbolizes hope and rebirth, and that’s why ReVibe Music Festival is an all virtual festival.


The next step was to create all the communication around the logo. It started from the traditional communication support (posters, newsletters) to social media content, including videos creations for teasers and setting up the streaming applications and visual materials during the event.

Scrolling down, you will see my work with the website components. The text was translated in French and English. The names of my colleagues I worked with to make this project happen.


Sylvia Rochat



The ReVibe Music Festival is an online music performance event. And a one of a kind! We  gather, over 3 days, 9 talented local artists, DJs and musicians, on a virtual stage, sharing with you the best of their music.

The pandemic has impacted, divided and isolated many of us. A sort of never ending story we have had to endure. Some fires can’t be extinguished however, and now is the time to rise again !

All together, let’s revive, celebrate and dance into a vivid music fire.

A collective of Geneva local artists and musicians decided to join forces and talents in order to revive the local music scene and share this unique celebration.

We have called this group “The 9” and are helping them realize this amazing project. And what could best illustrate this endeavour than a rising phoenix! Indeed, this wonderful bird has become the emblem of the ReVibe Music Festival project, because it means rebirth, hope, and joy. All this perfectly reflects the core values of the 1st Edition of the ReVibe Music Festival online event.

Le ReVibe Music Festival est un concert en ligne qui rassemble, sur 3 jours, 9 artistes de talent, issus de la scène Electro Pop genevoise. Des musiciens, des DJs, des chanteurs vont se relayer sur une scène virtuelle pour partager leurs meilleures productions.

La pandémie nous a toutes et tous impacté, divisé et isolé. C'est une une histoire sans fin que nous avons dû subir. Toutefois, demeure en chacune et chacun de nous un feu qui ne peut s'éteindre. ll est temps de nous relever !  


Ensemble, nous devons faire revivre la musique, la célébrer, et danser autour de ce feu intérieur.


Pour cela, un collectif de 9 artistes et musiciens, ici, à Genève, a décidé d'unir ses forces, afin de célébrer cette résurrection.


Ce collectif, nous les appelons: “The 9”. Nous avons décidé de les aider à réaliser cet incroyable projet de concert en ligne. Et quoi de mieux pour illustrer cette démarche que d'avoir le Phénix pour emblème. Ce mythique oiseau de feu symbolise la renaissance, l'espoir et la joie. Des qualités qui reflètent les valeurs de cette Première Edition du ReVibe Music Festival.

Text by Georges Savarino - Copywriter

Layout by Sylvia Rochat - Art Director

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Having for concept the phoenix, and loving this mystical creature, I  stayed with it as a logo.


For a logo for an innovative festival, I did a simple outline vector.  The posture of the bird shows its strong, long wings, lifting himself from the ashes.

What I also love with this posture, it creates a shape of a heart. After the pandemic, people were isolated and music can bring out love.


To have a reminder of music, you see sound waves going upward as if it's rising from the flames.

The word ReVibe, came up to me because after two years of no music, we are reviving the beats.

My initial sketches for the logo.

Final logo Revibe.png
Logo Design


One of our way to communicate with our audience was through the classical method with posters that were hang in multiple areas of the city. Plus, newsletters we sent to all of our contacts on every platforms.

On the right,  the poster, we added a QR code for the person to scan and be redirected right away to our Twitch channel where the festival was happening.

At the bottom, is an example of a vertical and horizontal newsletter.

Communication Support


Social Media


For the countdown until the festival, I  created storytelling of the rebirth and rising of the phoenix from its ashes. 


On J-5 we see the ashes, J4 - J3 the phoenix rebirthing and starting to spread his wings. Until we see him rising into the sky, spreading his large wings until he reaches the infinities of the sky.